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Thermo-Lag 440-SP


Thermo-Lag 440-SP is designed to fireproof steelwork for up to a 4 hour fire rating, depending on the design. The recommended use for this product is fireproofing of steel beams, columns, pressurized and non pressurized spheres, tanks and railcars to provide hydrocarbon pool fire and jet fire ratings.

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Thermo-Lag 440-SP PDS English

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Thermo-Lag 440-SP SDS Part A English

Thermo-Lag 440-SP SDS Part B English

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Thermo-Lag 440 Application Manual English

Thermo-Lag 440 LPG Brochure English

Thermo-Lag 440 SP Technical Specification Guide English

Thermo-Lag 440 UL X622 English

Thermo-Lag 440 UL XR610 English

Thermo-Lag 440 UL XR611 English

Thermo-Lag 440 UL XR614 English

Features & Benefits

  • UL listed - designs for many types of steel sections up to 4 hour fire ratings for both interior and exterior environments.
  • Durable finish - provides a hard, durable finish resistant to normal wear.
  • Thin film coating - offers an economical solution to alternative fireproofing.
  • VOC compliant
  • Easy repair - if damaged it can be repaired easily using material as putty.