Bridge and Highway Coatings

Bridge & Highway

For more than 50 years, our bridge coatings have been the industry standard.

Commercial and Architectural Coatings

Commercial & Architectural

We have the widest array of coatings, flooring, and fireproofing products for the complex commercial market.

Carboline Marine Paints and Coatings

Commercial Marine

Our expertise in providing products and technical service to the marine industry is invaluable to our customers.

Carboline offers various types of intumescent and cementitious coatings designed for industrial or architectural applications.


Our fireproofing products have offered unparalleled protection for more than 40 years.

Carboline Food and Beverage coatings

Food & Beverage

Carboline coatings have proven their performance against corrosion at every process level of the food and beverage plant.

Carboline is a proven supplier of chemical-resistant coatings for steel structures.

Metals & Mining

We understand the challenges and stringent demands of the metals and mining industry.

Carboline OEM Coatings


We produce high-quality systems designed to increase throughput at OEM shops.

Carboline Pipeline and Terminal Coatings

Oil & Gas Midstream

Protecting assets in the pipeline and terminals industry is part of who we are.

Oil & Gas Upstream

Oil & Gas Upstream

We offer reliable solutions developed through years of experience in the complex oil and gas industry.

Carboline Coatings for Petrochemical Facilities


We have solutions for everything from structural steel and tank exteriors to processing, piping, and equipment.

Carboline Coatings Power Markets


We offer a full line of coatings to protect against demanding conditions found in the power market.

Carboline Coatings Pulp and Paper

Pulp & Paper

We have a long history of solving the needs of the pulp and paper industry.

Carboline Rail Coatings


Our rail product line provides the most inclusive interior and exterior systems in the market.

Carboline Coatings for Water Tanks and Water Treatment Plants

Water & Wastewater

We offer a variety of coatings and linings for the water and wastewater market.