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Carbozinc 8703 (ASTM III)

Carbozinc 8703 may be used as a pre-construction primer, holding primer, or as a weldable steel primer for immersion service applications requiring ANSI/NSF 61 approval. Recommend linings include Carboguard 891 Series, Carboguard 61, Phenoline 341, Carboguard 635, or for alternate linings please contact technical service for lining recommendations.

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Carbozinc 8703 (ASTM III) PDS English

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Carbozinc 8703 Part B - Zinc Filler Type III SDS English

Carbozinc 8703 SDS English

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Carbozinc 8703 Product Flyer English

Features & Benefits

  • Welds made over Carbozinc 8703 coated steel are equal in every respect to welds made to uncoated steel.
  • Designed to protect steel during construction phase of projects under normal conditions.
  • Can be topcoated for additional long term protection for atmospheric exposures.
  • Weld spatter does not adhere to or damage the coating.
  • Can be welded as quickly and easily as bare steel at production line speeds without loss in strength or consistency of the weld.
  • Dries to touch and to handle in 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Utilizes Type III ultra pure, low-lead, zinc filler
  • Certified for potable water use under ANSI/NSF Standard 61 by Underwriters Laboratories (grey 0700 only)
  • Certified by UL to meet the drinking water criteria of NSF/ANSI/CAN 600