Carbozinc 608 HB

This two-component, high build zinc-rich primer exhibits outstanding moisture tolerance during application, tolerance to marginal surface preparation, low temperature cure capability, and very fast cure time to speed up the painting process. It contains an inert flake reinforcement (micaceous iron oxide, MIO) to further enhance the coating's strength and performance. This coating is ideal for industrial and marine environments to provide galvanic corrosion protection for steel. It provides a Class B slip coefficient and an be applied as part of a two coat system instead of a typical three coat system of zinc primer, intermediate coat of epoxy, and finish coat of epoxy, polyurethane, etc. The labor, cure time, and materials required for the intermediate coat can be saved while providing similar or better dry film thickness and corrosion protection. Its fast cure properties makes it ideal for shop and field applications where quick throughput and turnaround times are desired.

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Features & Benefits

  • High build, (5-10 mils DFT), pinhole free coating
  • High zinc loading per square foot
  • Provides cathodic protection plus durable barrier coating
  • Meets Class B Slip Coefficient
  • Excellent moisture tolerance during application and cure
  • Tolerant of marginal surface preparation
  • Fast cure response (topcoat and handle times)
  • Low temperature cure
  • Two components, less handling, less labor
  • MIO flake reinforced, stronger and better protection
  • Low VOC; Low HAPS
  • Excellent wetting properties and adhesion