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Carboweld 11 WB


Carboweld 11 WB is a water-based inorganic zinc rich primer that protects steel galvanically, eliminating subfilm corrosion. It meets VOC regulations while providing the proven performance of silicate zinc rich technology. It may be used as a weldable pre-construction primer or as a primer under many different types of topcoats.

Technical Information
File Name Language Download
Carboweld 11 WB (Zinc Filler Type II) SDS Part B English


Carboweld 11 WB PDS English


Carboweld 11 WB SDS Part A English


Features & Benefits

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • High zinc loading per square foot
  • Zero VOC
  • Good resistance to salting
  • Fast curing, quick handling
  • Excellent application characteristics (less likely to pump packing or tip plug)